High Quality and wide range - Australian made trailers, stock crates and all other fabrication work. Choices are aluminum or steel, tippers, crates and custom made jobs to suit your needs.

Custom Build – Our trailers are custom built to suit anyones needs.From our wide range of sizes and carry capacity​, along with our custom accessories. Our most latest product to our custom jobs are custom toolboxes and dog crates.

Long Lasting – Un-like steel trailers that rust out over time or when the floor rusts out from leaving grass clippings in the trailer, our aluminum flooring that will never rust out!

All our chassis are powder coated to extend the life of your trailer and our steel trailers are fully powder coated to protect them from rusting

Light Weight – Trailers with aluminum flooring and drop sides. As well as our combined steel and aluminum stock crates are much lighter than steel, resulting in a higher carrying capacity.

NEED A Flat Top Trailer?

Looking for a trailer to suit your needs but cant find one? Check out our wide range of light weight, long lasting, durable trailers and custom accessories.
Flat Top Trailers offers various trailer sizes and carry capacity with custom accessories to cater for all needs. If we dont have what you are after, contact us and we can custom build it for you!
What we offer:
Single Axle
Flat Top Trailers
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